RIP Mingle. Hello @furnish_app

As of yesterday, we have officially closed Mingle. The app is now removed from the all the app stores and all web services and servers have been shut down.

Will, James and I (Andy) have partnered with another developer, Austin, to develop a pretty neat app called Ikea Now. 

It’s a mobile app that allows shoppers to preview furniture in their homes before they buy using augmented reality.


We launched it 2 months ago as an experiment but now have over 150,000 downloads from more than 100 countries. We might be onto something so we’re expanding…

…the next update we’ll be changing the name to Furnish and incorporating other retailers starting with Crate & Barrel. Other retailers are coming soon.

Stay tuned and follow us at and @thefurnishapp

Thank you for your continued support!!!!

End of the Road. (Updated)

Mingle was started in April of 2011 as solution to find an accountant at my local Costco.

Well, not just specifically for that.

Professional networking was archaic, confined and not spontaneous. In the age of mobile devices, GPS and Foursquare, it was clear that the technology and culture was now advanced enough to change the landscape of professional networking.

We were going to lead the charge. And we did.

In the next 14 months, my two co-founders and I secured a small angel round, left our stable jobs and ventured into a journey summarized by airport lounges, red bull, dry erase boards and our devices.

We created a wonderful community of tens of thousands of professionals from over 110 countries. We helped people find jobs, hire employees and even discover love (those two Mingle lovebirds are now engaged).

However, we were unable to figure out how to grow Mingle at a pace required to secure more funding or even to implement a revenue model. We evolved the product as much as possible to help us get closer to the growth formula but it was clear that it we didn’t get much closer so we were left to make a difficult decision.

On December 31st, 2012, Mingle will unfortunately be shut down.

We cannot thank our investors, advisors, team members and most of all, our users enough in believing our product, abilities and standing by the belief that professional networking was ready to be disrupted.

It still is. When we started this journey, we were the first ones. Today, there are many so we believe that someone will find the path to change business networking forever. We’re just sad that it won’t be us.

The Mingle team will move on. Here are some interesting projects that we’re involved in now:

  1. Ikea Now/Furnish - /
  2. Live Nation -
  3. Life 360 - /

Thank you again for all your support and we’ll be seeing you around.

Questions, comments? -

Note: All user data will be deleted on Dec. 31st, 2012. Reselling personal data isn’t cool.

Update 1: We have received hundreds of messages of continuous support and love.  We thank every user for this support. We really did have the best community around.

iOS settings bug

Hi everybody,

Our apologies for users that are experiencing app crashes when trying to access your settings. We believe we’ve got a fix in place that’s working its way through testing.  We plan on wrapping the new version up and submitting to Apple for approval by the end of the week.  We believe this problem is isolated to only the users that registered an account via LinkedIn. If you do not fall under that umbrella and are experiencing app crashes please reach out to us at and we’ll get right on that.



Way to go Atsuya!

Wow, our team is on a roll. Our resident node guru, Atsuya, recently created a new nyan reporter with positive results. If TJ likes it so should you. Check it out.

Good luck James!

We’re very proud to announce that one of our own was a part of the winning team for the Lean Startup LA meet up that happened this past weekend. They are now heading to Angel Hack this weekend to fry bigger fish.  Good luck James!

A new iOS version is available for download

Download the latest iOS release. This version fixes the nasty LinkedIn and Facebook registration bugs that prevented our new users from joining Mingle.  Sorry about that!

We also changed the navigation to feature Video Intros more prominently.

Team Mingle meetup

With half of our team in West LA and the other half down in Irvine, it’s not often we meet up. So a few days ago, Will & I went up and got the team together for some Korean food and beer.

The place is called Dan Sung Sa.

We were probably the nerdiest table at that place. Product discussions, coding challenges and interface improvements was pretty much all we talked about. It was awesome.

(L to R) Will, James, Charlie, Atsuya

(L to R) Me, James, Charlie, Atsuya, Will

We are working our butts off to bring our community the best tools to meet professionals anywhere. Great things to come!

Macports, Postgresql 9, Lion and su: no directory

In the off chance you’re getting the following message while attempting to install postgresql on your mac running lion.

su: no directory

when running this command

sudo su - postgres’

 after you’ve installed postgresql server via macports and initialized the database, etc. What worked for me is uninstalling postgresql server, running the following command and then restarting my machine

sudo dscl . -delete /Users/_postgres

After reboot, went through the same exact motions for installing postgresql server on my machine and everything went as expected.

Video Intros

One of the latest features we’ve recently added to the iOS version is support for recording a video intro. Initially we’re capping it at 10 seconds as we felt that it would keep you on point and focused.

Download the latest iOS release.

FYI, we’re aware of some bugs that snuck their way into this iOS release so hold on tight as we already have a fix waiting for App Store approval. We anticipate it being approved and released later this week.

Have faith Android users, we’re rolling this feature out to Android users faster than you can figure out how to spell the winning word for this year’s national spelling bee in San Diego, “guetapens”.


It has been a long time since our last post and much has happened since but only one thing matters: Mingle is growing.

Every month, Apple has featured Mingle: New & Newsworthy (August), What’s Hot (October) and Staff Favorites (October).

We have over 26,000 downloads and there are no signs of slowing down. We’ve released close to 15 updates since and prepping our largest update yet. It’s going to be awesome…

And today marks a new chapter in the Mingle journey: we now have an office. It’s a dedicated shared space but its absolutely gorgeous and we thank the people @ LBTEC for their awesome support, Ali, Scott and Eric. Thanks guys.

Last but not least, here are some pictures. Come by if you’re ever in Downtown Long Beach!



Conference room

Last but not least, our patio…