At long last…

We just submitted a build to the App Store for review.  This version contains some improvements to the initial introduction flow as well as some fixes that should help with the app crashes that you all have been seeing. The big feature that we’ve included in this release is support for logging into Mingle with a LinkedIn account or just creating your own Mingle account. Every app crash email that we get pains us to no end and we just want you all to know that. We do in fact look at every email sent to us.  We’re moving as fast as we can in addition to balancing that age old high wire act of including bug fixes as well as new features.  Thank you for patience!


The past 2 weeks have been a blur. It all started when…

2 random Apple employees introduced themselves at the same cafe on campus. Not at the same time but when the 2nd employee introduced himself, he saw that someone else was there before…someone he didn’t know. 

Long story short, we were featured as “new and newsworthy” then moved over to “what’s hot” and has been there ever since.

20k downloads, 9k users & 40k messages later, we just got featured on Mashable. Tonight. Which spread to Business Insider. Then to the Wall Street Journal. Although it was just the automated link sharing originating from Mashable, it still felt good to see our team’s efforts be captured w/ thoughtful words. Here’s the article:

The community feedback has be amazing. We’ve learned so much in terms of what was working and what wasn’t. We’ve been working around the clock to provide the best and natural way to meet those around you. In some divine scheduling, we also just got our huge update approved today just in time for the surge. That helped.

What’s clear is that the race has only just begun. It won’t be a sprint but a fun, passion-filled marathon. 

Sorry about that

We experienced some brief downtime due to poor planning on my part.  We should be good now and all systems are go.  Carry on minglers!

Messaging bug fixed!

Hey guys, this weekend we released a new update but it broken the messaging system. BUT we’re happy to tell you that its now fixed! Mingle Away!

Another update

Colored me impressed.  We submitted this latest update on Wednesday and it’s up in the App Store today.  Apple you have not ceased to amaze me.

Usage climbing!

Usage climbing!

iPhone update!

iPhone version 1.1 just hit the app store! Download and install ASAP. This version surfaces minglers nearby as well as shows you who’s been there. We also threw in some bug fixes because nobody likes app crashes.

Murphy’s law is alive and well

Mingle! iPhone version 1.0 just hit the App Store today and we’ve got another major update queued up and submitted to the App Store for approval.  It would have been an hour ago but we hit an annoying snag.

"Invalid binary"

When I saw that I thought to myself, “Murphy’s law”.  I’ve never seen that or ever experienced it before.  We typically generate 3 different build targets so I thought just maybe XCode was confused.  After an hour of fiddling around with provisioning profiles, cleaning the project multiple times, playing with settings, etc.  Guess what the root cause was?  It was an innocent change to the App ID, enable iCloud.  So I must have missed the warning label somewhere or didn’t put 2 and 2 together and realized that if iOS5 isn’t in the wild yet iCloud would wreak havoc on all things that I know to be true.  Anyways, if you ever come across “invalid binary” upon constant resubmission to the App Store double check that iCloud is “not” enabled.