A new iOS version is available for download

Download the latest iOS release. This version fixes the nasty LinkedIn and Facebook registration bugs that prevented our new users from joining Mingle.  Sorry about that!

We also changed the navigation to feature Video Intros more prominently.

Video Intros

One of the latest features we’ve recently added to the iOS version is support for recording a video intro. Initially we’re capping it at 10 seconds as we felt that it would keep you on point and focused.

Download the latest iOS release.

FYI, we’re aware of some bugs that snuck their way into this iOS release so hold on tight as we already have a fix waiting for App Store approval. We anticipate it being approved and released later this week.

Have faith Android users, we’re rolling this feature out to Android users faster than you can figure out how to spell the winning word for this year’s national spelling bee in San Diego, “guetapens”.